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Hmmmm No Marmite? What is it about our tastebuds that makes us crave certain foods?


just for a laugh


Marmite is disgusting.  Just saying. 


What do Psychologists eat for dinner?  Why is water wet?  Just two of the meaningless questions we could waste time on today.

White bread?  Two words which don't go together.


Rat - atouille?  Rats can be nourishing. Best served skinned, gutted, topped and tailed  and stewed with an 



I like them with mayonnaise. Can't eat a whole one, though.  But the best thing to do with a rat is definitely to make friends with it and keep it as a pet.  They are very clean, friendly rodents and the one I used to have, a brown and white hooded one called April, liked to play a chasing game with me when the Sister Act soundtrack was playing from my tape player.



Why are oranges called oranges? Shouldn't they have a new name rather than being labelled for their colour trait? It seems rather unfair to me. From this day forth they are 'squinges.'


(Problem: it's the other way round. The colour orange is named after the fruit. So shouldn't we stick with calling the fruit 'oranges' but start calling the colour 'squinge'?)


What is brown and sticky?


A stick.


What's red and invisible?


No tomatoes.



Q. How many psychotherapists does it take to change a light bulb?

A. Only one, but the light bulb must really want to change!


This page has an identity crisis.



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